Session 2:

Making a difference



An example of something that Jesus taught.  If you look at the beginning of Chapter 5, you will see that Jesus has taken his disciples away from the crowd. So this teaching is for disciples, not for just anyone.  Its always a good idea to check out the context, and ask yourself, who is this for, what is going on here, how does it apply to me.


Key Words


Salt:What does salt do?

  • flavours food
  • preserves things
  • can get rid of some stains
  • and some say, if your trainers are smelly sprinkle salt in them and leave for 24 hours.  Then shake out the salt, and the smell with it.  We have never tried it and deny all responsibility for the results!



Chat to your mentor about how they apply this in their own lives.

Think of some practical ways that you can be like salt and light in your school.