Session 3:

Putting aside what we think



A Centurion was like a non commissioned officer in the Roman army of occupation – so someone likely to be unpopular with Jews.  And Jewish men were not supposed to go into the homes of Gentiles (non Jews).  So for Jesus to even speak to this man, let alone offer to go to his home, was a big deal.  But Jesus is not going to ignore someone on the basis of their race, a very radical attitude in his day.


Key Words


Authority.We think of authority as being about other people telling us what to do and lording it over us.  But Jesus has a very different idea about how Christians should think about authority.

e.g. Mark 9v33-37;

John 13v12-15



What do you think about healing?   Can God heal people, can we still pray for people to be healed?


Have a chat with your mentor and see what they think.