Session 4:

Joshua – Faithfulness



Num 13:1 – 14:38 gives you a bit of Joshua’s backstory and why Moses, under God’s direction, chose him as his successor

By the way, ‘Joshua’ is a Hebrew name and means ‘God saves’ .  In the New Testament we come across someone with the same name, but in Greek – Jesus


Key Words


Meditate. We are not using this word the way some people use it, as a way to empty your mind (maybe you’ve heard of things like Buddhism or Mindfulness).


In Christian meditation we do exactly the opposite, we try to fill our mind with the Word of God.  By thinking about it, emphasising different words, using our imagination to picture it, and so on.  You can explore the idea of Christian mediation in Extras



Think about some things God told Joshua in this passage –

be strong and courageous

obey God’s instructions

read and meditate on God’s word every day.

What is God telling you about how to be successful in life?