Session 5:

Elisha the Servant



The reference to multiple teams of oxen shows Elisha’s family are large landowners for the time and quite rich.

When he asks to go kiss his father and mother, its probably a reference not to saying good bye like we might mean, but to ask for their blessing.  Having received their blessing, he sacrificed the oxen in preparation for a celebratory meal.


Key Words


Cloak (mantle). The cloak represented a sort of badge of office for a prophet and so is significant in this story and later in  2 Kings 2:1-14 (which is also well worth a read!)

By casting his cloak upon him, Elijah was showing that he wanted Elisha to be his successor – first by becoming his servant, learning from Elijah’s examples.



A rich young man gives up everything in order to follow the servant of God, with a view to eventually taking over from him.

How sacrificial are you prepared to be?

Who is there that inspires you as a role model for your future career/ministry (it may or not be someone you know) – how can you learn from their example?

What do you learn from the example of Jesus?