Session 6:

David and Jonathan – Relationships



David and Jonathan had an incredible relationship that went beyond ‘just a mate’. They spent a lot of time together, and certainly went out of their way to help each other. In our modern world where friendships can be confused with sexual relationships it can be difficult to know where the boundaries are. Interestingly, there is not the slightest hint that David and Jonathon’s relationship was in any way physically sexual.¬† It was not a gay relationship in that sense, it was a covenantal relationship based on loyalty, commitment and brotherly love.

Key Words


Covenant: A binding agreement Рmight be between unequal partners e.g. God (the greater) has made a covenant with us (the lesser) that Jesus talked about when he shared the bread and wine as a prelude to his death and resurrection (e.g. 1 Corinthians 11: 23-26).

Or it might be between equals as with Jonathan and David.  By making a covenant, the two men expressed a relationship that was more important to them than anything else (such as which of them was to be the next King)



In what ways are you cultivating friendships that are committed and loyal?

What are you contributing into your relationships (as well as taking from them)?