One of the key themes in the Book of Hebrews is all about showing how Jesus is superior in every way to what has gone before. He is higher than the angels, mediates a better covenant, is a better High Priest. And in this passage, Jesus is a greater Apostle than Moses,


Key Words



Pre-cursors or illustrations in the OT, that are given their fullest meaning in the NT. e.g. the exodus of Israel out of Egypt is a ‘type’ of the salvation won for us by Jesus; going through the Red Sea is a ‘type’ of baptism. And in this passage, Moses is presented as a ‘type’ of apostle which is more fully expressed by Jesus




The Challenge


We are familiar with the burning bush and the commission that God gives to Moses.

As the conversation continues in Ex 4, Moses tells God all the reasons he can’t possibly be the right person for the job.

Thinking again of your own calling, what are the things that you think might exclude you. Ask the Lord to speak into them.


Further Thoughts

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