Uzziah was a long-lived King of Judah who enjoyed considerable military success (see 2 Chron 26). However he became proud and disobeyed God by trying to burn incense in the temple. God struck him with leprosy from which he never recovered. ‘The year King Uzziah died’ may be his actual death or it may refer to his ceasing to perform his function as king due to leprosy.


Key Words


Train of his robe

In those times, a king displayed his authority and dignity by the length of his very ornate train. When a king was defeated in battle, a portion of his robe’s train was cut off and sewn to that of the victor. So a long train signified a king who had won many victories and hence carried great authority. To have a train filling the temple, as in Isaiah’s vision, signified enormous dignity, power and authority.


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