Paul is writing from prison in Rome. Probably to a group of churches in Ephesus rather than one church, so it is more like a sermon to be read out. Ephesus was an important Greek/Roman town in what is now Turkey that also had a sizeable Jewish population. So like us, it struggled with all sorts of multi-ethnic and multi-cultural tensions.


Key Words



Count up how many times Paul uses the word ‘One’ in just the first 7 verses. Repetition of a word like this gives us a massive clue that the author is emphasising something significant. The multi-ethnic nature of Ephesus is the background to Paul’s emphasis on unity in the church and is very apt for us today.




The Challenge


Leaders are leaders because they influence people through the example that they set. Consider how the way you live matches up with the what Paul says here about how we should walk. And pay particular attention to v7 because we all struggle!


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