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Before you start

Before you start you will need to:

Have a mentor in your church (talk to us…we can find you somebody suitable)

Print out a copy of your fortnightly schedule

I'm ready to start

So, are you ready to start?

You will find on the next few pages lots of fortnightly ‘Sessions’.

When you are ready, have your fortnightly schedule ready, and go onto Session 1. You then use the scripture and the other resources for that session alongside your fortnightly schedule. It will take you a fortnight to do the session, before you move onto the next one.


Don’t forget to talk to your mentor as you go through the Sessions.

Oh…and watch out for the special Christmas and Easter sessions…do these ones over the Christmas and Easter periods!

Enjoy, and dare to go Deeper in God.

Chapter 4: Christmas


Christmas Session 1:

Christmas Session 2:

Chapter 5: Easter


Easter Session 1: Prophecy and fulfilment

Chapter 6: What Next?


Walk Worthy:

This is the last Deep devotional; it is also the first Leap devotional for young leaders. Is that you? Maybe when you have done your exams this year you can sign up for a second year in Yr 12?