Vision and Prayer Devotionals

Here are some daily devotionals to help you think about your communities and focus your prayers during the week of Vision and Prayer.

All the Scriptures for the week are taken from Luke 24:13-35, which you can access by clicking anywhere on these screens.


We hope that these are useful for you in your ‘Journey of Hope’ throughout the week.


Luke 24:v13-16

Every journey starts somewhere! This seems a very innocuous and simple journey with two people making their way home after the festival, chatting about all of the incredible events that had just occurred.

And yet, even in the mundane, ordinary, boring task that had to be done, Jesus came alongside.

Children and young people in your community will be making journeys to their schools throughout this week, doing the same journeys, with the same friends and family. Why not spend some time praying that they would know that Jesus comes alongside them, that He is prepared to take that journey and be there with them, no matter what their situation is, good, bad or even ordinary.


Luke 24:v17-19a

Where do you start to begin to help our young people in processing ‘the things that have happened in these days…’. After 2 years of Covid disruptions to life, the worry of illness, the isolation of living with only a phone and zoom as a friend. Now, a war in the Ukraine that threatens to overtake the whole of Europe and media fears of nuclear weapons. And all of this before we consider the usual family squabbles, social media pressures, and hardships of ‘normal’ life for our children and young people.

What was Jesus’ response to the disciples?

‘What things?’

I find it incredibly reassuring to know that Jesus is still interested in what makes our faces downcast. He still comes and asks us ‘What is it that disturbs, upsets and saddens you?’. Consider all of the people across the world, through all time, in all situations, and yet He still cares for you, and me, and the children and young people in your community.

Today, don’t be overwhelmed by ‘What is happening’, but talk to God about your sadness, and then spend some time praying that the children and young people in your local school would be able to hear His voice saying ‘What things?’ to them; that they would know His care and affection in their times of need.


Luke 24:v19b-24

Sometimes it is easy to feel that all is lost. I’m pretty sure that from the tone of this conversation the disciples felt very much that all had been lost. Many of our children and young people seem to feel this more and more in our communities at the moment. There seems to be an air of hopelessness that sits over them.

Well, if you have read the story about what these disciples were talking about, you would know that they only had half of the story, and the truth is that Jesus is actually, really alive. A truth that you know, but that these disciples have yet to see.

I want to encourage you today to pray that our children and young people would be able to hear the truth that Jesus is alive. How they respond to that truth is entirely up to them, but we need to work hard to help them hear this truth, so that they have a chance to hear more than the hopelessness that seems to cover them, that they have a chance to find a hope that can be inside of them.

If you know any children and/or young people, why not pray for them specifically, call them by name and remember Isaiah 43:1.


Luke 24:v25-27

How slow were/are we to really believe all that Jesus has said about himself? I still find myself 40 years on being a Christian realising how slow I have been to understand what Jesus has been telling me all these years.

It should come as no surprise then that some of our children and young people don’t ‘get it’ straight away, that they also need time to visit, and revisit the truth of the scriptures before the penny drops, and the light bulb comes on.

Pray today for the schools’ workers, Church children and young people’s workers, that they might have the patience and wisdom as they interact and show our children and young people who Jesus is.

ps, also please pray for our Year 11 and Year 13 pupils that will have to face their exams after 2 years of extrememly disrupted learning. Pray that they would be quick to learn what they need to know, and that in all things they would know a peace that goes beyond their understanding.


Luke 24:v28-29

How powerful is that thought of Jesus going in to stay with them.

Not only has He cheered them up, revealed the truth to them, and showed them that all is ok, but now He chooses to just be with them. To stay, and not rush away to the next needy soul.

I see this in the character of Jesus throughout the gospels, how He spoke and gave time to people even though He had ‘other’, ‘more pressing’ things to do.

Maybe we as adults need to think about ways in which we can sometimes just give the children and young people in our communities time. There is always the caveat of doing this in a safe and ‘proper’ way, but that should not hinder us from giving them the time and value that they need from us. Sometimes a simple ‘hello’ on a Sunday can help people, especially our young people, feel valued.

I am reminded of Matthew 19 – ‘Suffer little children’, and wonder how many times we ‘suffer’ the children and young people in our church services, and how many times they ‘suffer’ our adult ways of doing things…


Luke 24:v30-32

‘Were our hearts not burning within us…?’ an incredible effect that just being with Jesus had on these disciples.

Today, simply pray that Jesus would come and have that same effect on the children and young people. The ones we know in our families, on our streets, in our church families and also those who we don’t know in our communities. For those who today may be lonely, hopeless and lost, that He may come and stir something within them all, and provide for them purpose and meaning both now and as they continue to grow.


Luke 24:v33-35

So now, equipped, encouraged, hearts burning within them, our intrepid disciples decide not to carry on their journey, but to turn around, and go back to Jerusalem to encourage the other disciples there.

What a wonderful picture of what our young people could also do.

Today, in our final prayer time, pray for our children and young people that already know this hope of Jesus in their lives. That we all as adults would learn how to equip and encourage them, giving them space to meet and find Jesus, so that their hearts would burn within them as they share together their hope with their friends in school.