A Busy Dawn:

Today’s Verse

Shortly before dawn Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake.

Matthew 14:25(NIV)

Today’s thought:

Ok, so now we get a bigger picture about the timings…

Jesus had a busy day, then went off to a mountainside to pray, then later that night He became aware of the situation of the boat, and now (still dark) before dawn He goes out to them.

The question I have for myself, is:

How often do I spend time – a considerable length of time- with God, so that I am ready to help those around me in difficult situations?Particularly when I have had a ‘busy day and a busy night’ and had demands and expectations placed on me, and a really difficult family/emotional situation to deal with.

Firstly, I have to thank God that He has placed me in a group of people – the church. So that I am not on my own (like Jesus) I have a group of people around me who support me, and take ownership for helping others too, so that if I need space for myself, or take space for myself, then there are those around who can still carry the burden of helping our communities.

Thank you God, and thank you church.

Next, I notice that Jesus ‘went out to them’, maybe spend some time thinking about what that means for you, and your church – and make sure that all you do is safe, accountable and meaningful for the young people.

Finally, He walked on the lake…for those who live in the Lake District, I wonder…have you ever tried?! Now don’t get caught up with ‘I could never walk on water’ instead think more about the fact that Jesus did what He could do to help the disciples, and maybe the thought and question should be ‘What can I/we do, to help our young people?’

Today’s prayer:

Remember God has placed you in a church family, so who can you join with to pray for children and young people?

Who can you share your burdens, cares and anxieties with, so that if you run out of steam, the young people are still cared for?

Pray that together as a church, you would be able to notice your children and young people, in your church and in your community that you would realise what you already have as a church that would help them, and find ways to go ‘out to them’, that are safe, accountable and meaningful.