He came, I come:

Today’s Verse

“Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.” “Come,” he said.

Matthew 14:28-29(NIV)

Today’s thought:

“Lord, if it is You”

In a world of ‘fake news’ and scamming, this is still a very good question that we should ask if Jesus ‘appears’ in unusual, or different, situations unexpectedly. I find it interesting that Peter didn’t recognise the man he had spent most of his time with for a long time. Also, I notice that even the closest of Jesus’ friends missed Him because of the stress of the immediate situations he found himself in, and yet Peter had the wit and strength to still respond to this apparition on the water:

“Tell me to come to you on the water”

Now I have to admit, for me, this question from Peter is one of the most incredible in all of the Bible. The reason is that, personally, I can say the greatest of things when there is no consequence to myself, and yet here Peter puts his life on the line, on the request of an apparition walking on the water. The level of relationship and faith that Peter has in Jesus is profound.

I find that Jesus’ response is also deeply profound, simply: “come”.

That the Son of God would include a human (with all of his failings) to take part in something that is clearly set apart for ‘gods’ astounds me. And yet, He does. Peter asks, and Jesus responds. Jesus came, as God can, and asks Peter (with all his failings) to come.

Where humans see God coming and doing God things and ask to be involved, Jesus is still saying “Come”.


Today’s prayer:

Are there situations in your life where you are not recognising Jesus, where he is calling you to come out of your comfort zone and trust him?

Are there situations where young people are putting their faith in Jesus and need support from you to help them?

Today pray that you would have the strength and the courage to respond to Jesus’ calling.

Pray also that the young people would give God opportunities to be god in their lives that they may allow Him to include them in the incredible things that He does.