The Eden Schools Worker (Ruth Evans ruth.evans@niscu.org.uk) seeks to work with local Church leaders and other youth and children’s workers across the Eden area in the schools most relevant to them.  She offers assemblies, puppet sessions, lessons & pop-up prayer spaces (see the link to Prayer Spaces In Schools at the side) in Primary and Secondary schools. She is trained in, and has good links with a number of local presenters of, ‘OT Mini’ and ‘NT Mini’, provided by Walk Through The Bible and is happy to set up links for schools. She also offers seasonal lessons – Christmas, Easter, (adapted for year groups) Moving Up – and is also very willing to support schools who are implementing the ‘Understanding Christianity’ scheme. Ruth is very keen to share the message of the Bible with as many young people across the Eden valley as is possible in her 16 hours per week! Please do get in touch if you want to chat to find out more, she loves meeting supporters as much as schools.

Ruth knows that prayer is vital and would encourage as many people as possible to pray for their local school, but also to join collectively in praying for the schools’ work in Eden – we are a geographically large area. If you would be interested in receiving a weekly prayer update please email Ruth directly at ruth.evans@niscu.org.uk with your name and email address, she promises to only use it to send you the weekly prayer email and termly newsletter.

The Area Support Group for NISCU Eden has started meeting to plan strategically for the area, if you are interested in being part of the wider support group for the work in Eden please contact Ruth.

For more information as a teacher, parent, church leader or potential volunteer, please contact Ruth, she will do her best to answer your questions.

Ruth Evans

Ruth Evans

Schools Worker

Andi Taylor

Andi Taylor

Schools Worker

Christmas 2020

Some resources that might be helpful:

Advent calendar

Link here to NISCU Eden’s virtual advent calendar  starting on 1st December 2020 and featuring a weekly collective worship on the theme of the week (following traditional Advent themes) and a whole host of Bible readings/songs from some familiar faces, and some new friends, each day.

Resources mentioned in the collective worships:

What Hope means to me acrostic layout

Finding Joy dates sheet

Wandering and Wondering through Christmas

A lesson resource guiding pupils to wonder at the story of Christmas – for the link to the video please email ruth.evans@niscu.org.uk

Accompanying worksheet and teacher guide: Wandering and Wondering through Christmas

A nativity themed prayer space activity

Nativity Prayer Space 2020

Lockdown resources

We have started up a NISCU Eden YouTube Channel with videos, much like a miniature school Collective Worship session, there will be new videos on most weekdays, starting 18th March 2020… come and join the fun! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuE_kj9hAVFj4Z8f0ixUZag/

There will be worksheets/activities to go alongside these each week too, they can be downloaded from the link just below on this page.