NISCU Sunday

The NISCU Sunday pack is now available for you to use in your church or organisation context.

All the resources are free, but we do ask you to register to ensure that we don’t duplicate sending resources to the same church/organisation.


The pack contains 6 elements:

The Script:

If you are worried about standing up in front of a group of people and talking to them about NISCU then you can use our script. It has three different types of talks that you could deliver, depending on your church/organistaional context.

1. A 10- minute ‘Quick Presentation’ during the notices

2. A 30-minute “Main church Presentation’ to be used in a church sermon context.

3. A 40-minute ‘Small Group’ presentation, which is ore suitable for midweek small group meetings.

The Video:

This year, there is a choice of 2 videos, a shortened video (3:07 minutes) with responses from Children about ‘Who Jesus is’, and a full video(5:28 minutes) that has Nick Klein CEO explaining the Kids part.


The Presentation:

This is a presentation that helps you to explain more of what NISCU does generally, and locally. YOU WILL need to liaise with your local school workers to ensure that you have the correct information for your presentation…so you will need to give us time to prepare this!!

The Flyers:

There are some flyers that can be handed out as part of the presentation, something for them to take home. We will need to get these flyers to you, so as with the presentation you will need to let us know how many flyers you would like well in advance to hep us get them to you in time for your presentation.

Just One Thing:

Just One Thing is a printable document that you can use with your church to help you on your journey in supporting your local schools community.

Your Local NISCU Worker:

Our final resource is us!! If you would like help and support with your NISCU Sunday, then please contact us to discuss how we can help.

What now?

Simply complete the registration form below, and we will contact you with details of your local worker, and how to accesss the resource.