Welcome to our Policy support page

Here is where you can find support for your initial and ongoing training with NISCU.

Policy support page.

If you are looking to volunteer, or already volunteer with NISCU, this is the page where you can find procedural and policy support. Please feel free to talk to you recruiter/NISCU link if you require further information or clarity on your induction and ongoing training.


Our staff and volunteers in schools will undergo safeguarding processes before appointment including Enhanced DBS checks.

Problems??? email nick.klein@niscu.org.uk

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Volunteers in Schools


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Listening service volunteer

Clubs volunteer

Stories volunteer


Area Support Groups


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In Schools volunteers

As an ‘in schools’ volunteer, you will need to discuss with your ‘Recruiter’ how they can support you in your ongoing policy training. But you will need to be trained on the following procedures:

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Procedures that care for you

Complaints Procedure

Covid Policy for going in to schools (March 2022)

Data Protection (GDPR)

Disciplinary and Grievance

Equal Opportunities

Guidance on infection in schools

Health and Safety Policy

Lone Working


Functional procedures

Car Policy

Expenses claims


Letter of Assurance

Religious Believers visiting schools (Natre)


Timekeeping and Record keeping


Finally, when you have read and understood these procedures, please complete the following form, and ensure you put the correct email address in for us to collect your response. Thank you


Area Support Groups

As an Area Support Group member we are so grateful for the support that you give in making NISCU happen in your area. The time you give to pray, create newsletters, organise events and help build a strategy that works for your communities is invaluable. Thank you.

The ‘Must reads’ above

Area Support Group Policy

Recruitment Policy


Now please complete the online confirmation of your training by clicking on the Training submission form button below.

Trustee Policies

Trustees oversee the governance and general strategy of the organisation. Your policies include:

The ‘Must reads’ above

The Governance Policies

Governance Source Policy

Governance Introduction Policy

Limitations Policy

Ends Policy

Board to CEO delegation Policy

Board Governance Policy

Area Support Group Policy

Risk Policies (Contact central for up to date list for the below)

Business Risk

Environmental Risk

Equipment List (Contact central for up to date list)

Fire Risk Assessment

First Aid Risk Assessment

Health and Safety General Risk Assessment

Lone Working Risk Assessment



Now please complete the online confirmation of your training by clicking on the Training submission form button below.