Welcome to NISCU.

We are an interdenominational Christian charity; we exist to support children and young people who want to explore or to express a Christian faith in their local community.  To that end we work with schools, Churches and other organisations.  We represent a broad spectrum of Christian belief and do not seek to proselytise in schools.  We recognise that our role in visiting your school, is to uphold your core task of education seeking to help meet some of the needs of your school community as appropriate.  We do so out of our distinctive as a Christian charity.

What can we offer?

We work with Secondary and Primary schools and some Special schools, both Church and Community schools and offer over thirty years experience.

Our work includes:

  • Lunchtime or After School Clubs and Christian Unions, where students can explore their own responses to Faith in a relaxed environment.  We often support and resource school staff or local church volunteers in running these
  • Lessons to support your literacy, RE, and other parts of the curriculum
  • Assemblies, broadly Christian and designed to offer a collective worship experience.  In Primary schools, some of our area teams offer puppet performances particularly at Christmas and Easter
  • Prayer Spaces, an interactive and non threatening way for students and staff to explore prayer
  • Spirituality or Enrichment days
  • Special projects like the Bishops Bible Challenge, produced by NISCU on behalf of Blackburn Diocese
  • Transition lessons and assemblies
  • Other work specifically tailored to your schools’ needs, where we have expertise to offer e,g. listening services – get in touch to discuss how we can help you
  • Support for Christian teachers and support staff

What to do next?

We work through several geographic areas, locate yours via our Area pages to see what is on offer in your particular area.

Use the contact link below to email us to discuss your needs or to make a booking for lessons and assemblies.


Our staff undergo safeguarding processes before appointment including Enhanced DBS checks.

We do not charge schools for our services (though some schools do choose to make a small donation).