NISCU currently works across six areas covering Cumbria, North Lancs and Craven.  Each area has its own Schools Worker, or team of workers, who are highly committed, gifted and love working with children.  They are mostly part-time, work very flexible hours, and can be appointed on a year-round or a term time only contract.  We try to support their work through regular team days and a yearly two day staff retreat.  NISCU has a Genuine Occupational Requirement that all staff are Christians able to subscribe to our Basis of Faith (which follows that of the Evangelical Alliance, of which we are members).  This is a role that requires a very professional outlook to work appropriately in the education environment.  We take Safeguarding very seriously and all staff have to provide three references and undergo an Enhanced DBS check.

In addition we have support staff working out of Central Office.

Anyone interested in working for NISCU should check out our Vacancies page.


Thinking of a Gap year before or after Uni?  Or maybe you want a taste of what schools work is like before embarking on a career with children and youth.  We can help!

There are different routes into interning with NISCU, depending on your situation.

Church Internships

Some people take up internships with their local church, and as part of that offer voluntary hours to NISCU.  We can support you by offering some training e.g. by attending our regular staff team days, and on the job training with an experienced Schools Worker.  If this is what you are looking for, you need to talk to your local Church first, and then contact your area Schools Worker.  These roles are unpaid by NISCU.

New Wine Discipleship Year and NISCU Traineeships

NWDY is a programme on which 18-24 year olds can offer 12 hours per week voluntarily to their local church, and in return are given a day a week discipleship training.  Interns then have two days a week in which to find paid employment – and for some, NISCU is offering this employment (see below).  Follow the NWDY link for more information about this – bear in mind that there is a cost to both you and to the sponsoring church.

NISCU currently administrates the Lancaster Hub of the NWDY and is able to offer to suitably qualified interns two days a week employment (16hpw) in a variety of training posts that contribute to our charitable aims.  This includes Trainee Schools Workers; Digital Media; Administration.  These are paid positions with a training salary well in excess of the minimum Living Wage.  Full details are available on our Vacancies page and we will be actively recruiting from January for a September start date.  When combined with the NWDY, this makes a fantastic Gap Year and includes training and discipleship; two days a week salary; and work experience for your CV.

NISCU Traineeships and other training partners

NISCU traineeships, as above, are also available alongside other training partners if that works best for you and your Church.  For example, we currently have a trainee who is attending the North West Partnership training.  All that we ask is that you think about how you can serve the youth and children of your local Church alongside the NISCU role.  To explore this, email Nick Klein at Central Office in the first instance.

Anyone interested in interning or working for NISCU should check out our Vacancies page.