Children and Youth

So… obviously NISCU rocks and that’s why you’re here on this page…

We have some special things going on for children and young people, follow the links to find out.

In Primary school? 

Ask about whether there is a Lunchtime or After School club in your school – and if there isn’t, ask why not!  Maybe we can start one for you.  Get a parent/guardian to contact us to check it out.


Apart from your school Christian Union, there are a few things you can join in with:

Some areas have youth events going on and it is worth checking out.  To the right are some links that might be helpful, or contact your area schools worker on our Contact Us page and send them an email to ask what events are happening for you.

Year 10 or Year 12?

We have a special programme for you, called Deep (discipleship for Year 10s) and Leap (leadership for Year 12s).

Each fortnight we send you some reading from the bible and lots of suggestions of how to go about  getting the most from it – including some multi media stuff.  Plus, we arrange for you to have a mentor in your own Church who you can go to regularly to chat and ask questions.  Will will also set you some challenges to get involved with, mostly in school.

Check it out on our Deep and Leap pages, where you can get information and an application form.

Got questions? Use our Contact Us page to get in touch with your local area Schools Worker – if you are not sure which area you are in, send an email to someone in Central Office and we will put you in touch with the right person.

And… if you are 13+ and are on Facebook or Twitter you can follow us.




Discipleship Programmes



Local Events

Resolute (Lancaster Based)

NISCU Tutorials

Click here to access the NISCU tutorial site – specifically for young people!