We are partners together and we are grateful for all the ways in which people like you support us – it’s as easy as ABC!


Prayer is such an important way to support – you can get in touch with your local area Schools Worker via our contact page, and ask to be put in touch with a local prayer group; or to receive a regular prayer bulletin or area newsletter; or get information about how to set up a prayer group.  Some groups are community wide and pray for the work of NISCU; others are parents who get together to pray for their own school. 


Are you someone with time to offer?  There are lots of ways to volunteer time, from joining an area Support Group to going into schools and offering your skills.  Maybe you can listen to children read; bake cakes for staff (greatly appreciated when during staff meetings!); or maybe you can offer a regular lunchtime to help to run a club or Christian Union – we run lots of these in both primary and secondary schools, or we support and resource volunteers who run their own in schools. 

What are you able to offer? – get in touch with your area schools worker and have a chat!


NISCU is almost entirely funded by Churches and individuals.  Please visit our ‘Giving’ page for information about how you can support us in this way – Thank You!

Any questions?  Send us an email using the link below, and we will get back to you.