The Furness area is the latest addition to the NISCU team! The team is based out of Ulverston but works up the valley to Coniston, across the Duddon estuary to Millon and along the Furness peninsula to Dalton. We have a secondary schools’ worker, Charlie Day and the Furness area is linked with the work of the Furness Deanery Network Youth Church.

News….THE FUN RUN 14th MARCH 2020

If you haven’t already heard…Charlie is running across the area …a full 40 miles in 1 day!!!

He will be running to raise awareness and support for the schools’ work across the area.

It would be brilliant if you could come out and support him…40 miles is a long way, and Fun Run is not the first thing that comes to my mind to describe what he is doing!!




Contact Charlie Day

Contact Charlie Day

Schools Worker