Making an Easter Cross mosaic picture

These 8 short tutorials (2-5 minutes each) led by Andi T will show you how to make an Easter Cross mosaic picture.

Andi will guide you through the entire process demonstrating how each part is done…and the videos are made to be viewed on your phone!!

If you want to engage in these tutorials you will need have:

     2 pieces of paper same size (A5 ish!!)

a pair of scissors

a pencil

a glue stick

2 oil pastels (black and brown)

a piece of kitchen roll

some baby oil

some plastic tubs, or similar!!

a supermarket magazine

Session 1:


Session 5:

Finishing the background

Session 2:

Ripping, drawing and sticking the green

Session 6:

Finishing touches to background and the cross

Session 3:

Getting on to the blue

Session 7:

Finishing  the cross

Session 4:

Finishing blue and what to do with your glue to make sure it sticks.

Session 8:

Finishing it off