'Just One Thing'

What is the ‘One Thing’ that your church can do to support a local school?

Have a sit down...

…and talk to others in your church about what you can do.

Download our help file

or use the bits below to help you plan your ‘One Thing’

Just imagine what would happen...

…if every church did ‘Just One Thing’ for their school community

Do 'Just One Thing' together...

…and change more than one life forever.

Prayer ideas:

Ask for the NISCU prayer bulletin for your area

Add NISCU info to your church prayer news

Start a pray4schools group


In school ideas:

Bake cakes for your local school staff room at the end of term

Listen to children read

Help a NISCU club


Funding ideas:

£30 will train a volunteer as a 121Listener

£20 per week will sustainably manage a lunchtime club for a school

£200 will train a volunteer in how to deliver walk through the bible sessions