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This page runs alongside our Week of Prayer, when we would love to particularly focus on praying for you, your children and your schools.

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Prayer Requests

Please submit a prayer request using the form below.  You can also use the form if you feel there is something that God is telling you that we need to know about.

Anything you post here will come to our Admin and will not be seen generally.* 

It will then be assessed as to how confidential it is and forwarded accordingly to those who will pray – the most confidential items will go no further than the Senior Management Team while general items may be more widely distributed to staff and trusted supporters.  Any names will be redacted for privacy of the individual.

So, post your requests and let us pray together for strength, hope and light in our communities.

*Please note that we have a duty of care towards children and will communicate to relevant agencies about any safeguarding issues should the need arise, in accordance with our safeguarding policy.

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