Hello Friends,

My Name is Andrew McDonough. I’m from Australia. I draw, write and create resources for sharing Jesus with kids in the church and out in the community. Last month, while visit the UK, I popped in on the NISCU staff retreat. We ate scones and swapped stories. The scones were good and your NISCU team are fantastic. I loved hearing their stories of serving the schools, teachers and students with respect, honour and this long term relationship-building wisdom.

It sounds like schools are doing it tough in the UK with shrinking funds and increasing responsibilities. Yet, I’m sure that like in Australia, each community is genuinely concerned for their local school. They’re just not quite sure how to provide support. This is where the NISCU crew are so good. They saddle up alongside a school and listen to the staff. They sit down with the church to explore what it has to offer. Then trusting Jesus, who loves the kids & teachers and works through His body the church, the NISCU team help shape that work. It may grow into a big program or quietly nurture individual children. In every case, the community and the angels in heaven notice. “Hooray for NISCU!” (That was the angels cheering while the community nodded in agreement even though they weren’t quite sure where the cheering came from.)

We’re in this together. The NISCU staff bring their gifts of supporting children, creative teaching and organisation. My small bit is providing stories and resources. Maybe your role is volunteer, to help finance the work, to pray or to help cheer on NISCU and your local school.


Andrew McDonough

Each day on the retreat the wise Nick Klein, would share a Proverb.  Here’s two Proverb stories that I’ve written. This will give you a taste of what I create for our friends working in schools. You might like to share this with your church. Proverbs Stories 

You’ll find all my stories at www.lostsheep.com.au

The Proverbs book will be released in the bookshops on March 15th  https://www.eden.co.uk/shop/proverbs-4550157.html