‘But Jesus immediately said to them: “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”’ Matthew 14:27 (NIV)

“So how was your day today?” These reports from Mark and Matthew cover one day: In Mark 6, the disciples, ‘learning-on-the-job’, are just back from an exhilarating ministry tour (miracles included), and such a different lifestyle for them. Some had followed John the Baptist before meeting Jesus, their joy is now tested after hearing of John’s death and even Jesus needs time out!

Matthew 14 records a quick boat ride taking a compassionate Jesus and the disciples into another teaching/healing session and a need to organize an impromptu supper for over 5,000 people. With daylight running out the disciples get in the boat again (without Jesus) and a quiet journey home turns into rough weather and a fight against the elements. By the fourth watch (3-6am) the disciples are hanging on by ‘the skin of their teeth’, stretched beyond measure.  Emotionally and physically drained a sudden hint, glimpse of the Presence of Jesus gives Peter courage….


As mums (and dads) ‘crazy days’ do happen. ‘They’ tell us to nurture a child – Physically, Mentally, Spiritually – in every area of life.  The problem is ‘qualifications’ are not included and a first child means a trainee mum with not much idea of what to do. The children don’t know it but you (mum) are only trained as far as the age of your eldest child. Looking back I realise it’s only our personal lifestyle which ‘rubs off’ on them, even now! Just as the disciples were learning on the job but seeing the lifestyle of Jesus.

Did Peter walk on water? Yes he did.

Did he have a ‘wobbly’? Yes he did

The rest of the story is wonderful, Jesus not only reaches out but CATCHES Peter, leading him safely into the boat, and the learning curve continues. ‘Wobblys’ are allowed as we take courage with faith to bring a glimpse of Jesus into our children’s’ lives.

Joan Klein