Having a faith or religious beliefs are often described as being traditional. However, someone who has been an example of maintaining traditions but making a stance in their own Christian faith was Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. As we reflect upon her life, we can take inspiration from the way she lived her life, served her nation and maintained her faith.

With her life being fully in the public eye, we shared her difficult times with her. In 2002 the Queen endured a painful year of personal losses. In her annual Christmas address that year, she spoke of how her faith had sustained her.

“I know just how much I rely on my own faith to guide me through the good times and the bad,” she said. “Each day is a new beginning. I know that the only way to live my life is to try to do what is right, to take the long view, to give of my best in all that the day brings, and to put my trust in God.”

We can take so much inspiration from Her Majesty and how throughout her life she faced troubles like us. I believe that she will continue to inspire generations of believers to rely on their faith despite the circumstances we find ourselves in.

Her Majesty’s personal relationship with God has been an inspiration to her family, children, grandchildren, greatgrandchildren and the nation. Setting an example of how living by faith can inspire future generations. Being in such a position of power and influence Her Majesty could’ve decided not to speak publicly about her faith and personal relationship with God. Instead, she has been a role model for how we should live our lives and express our faith despite the situations we find ourselves in.

‘Throughout my life, the message and teachings of Christ have been my guide and in them I find hope’ Queen Elizabeth 3rd August 2022.

For a lifetime of service to God and nation, we are thankful for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We are grateful for her example of faith and steadfast leadership.

Continue to pray for her family at this time and continue to be inspired by the life she lived and the faith she had in God.