Your whole life ahead

Plans made about to be wed

But someone else had a different plan instead




Everything changed in one single minute

From an unlikely and breath-taking earthbound visit

A message of a life changing request

But how can anyone call this blessed?



Knowing this would bring such pain

Of relationships lost and inexplicable shame

Judgement, confusion and disbelief

Plans of a future lost in fear and grief



She would have to tell the one

She loved more than all, that she was having a son

A son that wouldn’t reflect his face

And send her spinning in judgement and disgrace


But four hundred years of silence broken

With the most hopeful words that have ever been spoken

God is giving his very best

And through fear and trepidation Mary said yes

Mary didn’t know the plan

Holding the saviour from before time began


Mary chosen from humble estate

To carry the gift the world awaits

Mary did you know what laid ahead

That you would hold the saviour that bled?

The angel came to bring the news

Blesséd Mary, the Lord with you

Proclaiming the most awaited birth

That our God would come down to Earth


A message of a life changing request

How can anyone call this blessed?


But what if those that we called blessed

Were not the ones the world impressed

If Blessed were those who are poor in spirit

To inherit a kingdom beyond human limit

Those who mourn for loved ones lost

As Mary would know at unfathomable cost

The day her son is lifted on high

The only child born to die

If Blessed were those that are humble and meek

The ones cast off that the world calls weak

But hunger and thirst for righteousness

Above any ambition or worldly success


Like this little baby yet to be born

The fabric of history yet to be torn

As Mary carries unbounded potential

The impact to come,



Mary would hold him through love and persistence

But his tiny hands would hold her in existence

The baby she bears shaking history

As God now reveals his mystery

The angel said ‘Do not fear

The saviour of the world is here’


The Holy child of Israel

God is with us



He has come to take on that shame

Because he holds a higher name

Here he is, the one who frees us

And so we bow at the name of Jesus


For us to say it is well

God is with us



Mary were you sure

When you knocked on Joseph’s door?