City overrun, buzzing with noise

Can’t make out any single voice

The streets are bursting every house is crammed

The markets are overflowing and roads are rammed



The knock at the door

You know you can’t take any more

But there stands a couple, clearly in distress

And the tug at your heart puts you to the test



Just one night like any other

But here stands a weary husband and expectant mother

In need of somewhere fast with nothing much to pay

But everything inside you says you have to let them stay

Just two faces lost in a crowd

Carrying the saviour waiting to be found?



Desperate to show hospitality

A stable was the only reality

Standing at the door with a heart full of pity

At his meagre welcome to this travellers’ city


A baby born into worldly shame

Under the stars he placed and named

While others looked away, in this small forgotten town

This humble stable floor become holy ground

Without a home to call their own

A barn for a palace, a manger for a throne


This temporary shelter to house the King

That came and gave up everything

All majesty and splendour and worldly glory

To be the author of salvation’s story

Would things be different had you known

This child, God Immanuel leaving his throne?


This baby you housed with a farmyard view

Would one day prepare a room for you

A house with many rooms to call us home

An eternal address to be loved and to be known


This room you prepared for a baby in the straw

A humble picture of the hospitality in store

The tiny King with us to dwell

God is with us



To the innkeeper in Bethlehem, will you let him in

To see God’s salvation plan begin?

Will you wait and will you make room

For the King of glory to enter soon?


For us to say it is well

God is with us



Did you know when they knocked on your door

That all the nations would come to adore?