That unknown hillside in the darkest of dark

Suddenly awakened by the brightest spark

Until all of heaven lit up the skies that night

Announcing the arrival of the King of light



Lying under a canopy of stars

And hearing the call, “come as you are”

The world doesn’t even know their names

But for these lowly shepherds our saviour came



Just one ordinary night when the heavens opened

One ordinary night when the darkness was broken

An ordinary night when heaven’s veil was torn

All because a baby boy was born



The shepherds ran without hesitation

To the king who would reign over all the nations

Angel armies appeared like never before

As the shepherds descended on that stable door


Shepherds on a hillside not highly respected

But these were the ones specifically selected

To be the King’s special guests

Because God almighty considered them blessed

The kind of guests nobody expected

To be the ones the saviour elected


The ones the rest of the world dismissed

Now sat with royalty dwelling in their midst

Thinking they were shepherds were really just the sheep

Of this tiny Good Shepherd laying fast asleep

Who would lead them to every pasture and stream

Who promises to give them all they need

Even through the valley of the shadow of death

He would still be with them closer than breath


Did they know this baby would be their protection

Guiding them in every right direction?

Did they know he would make them whole

Giving them deepest rest for their souls?


Like these shepherds by the world neglected

He came down to be despised and rejected

Creator of the galaxies gave up everything

Just to be with us, our shepherd King


The angels announced the first Noel

God is with us



How can it be, come and see

Come and worship, fall on your knees

Come to the king and bow before him

Come high and low, come and adore him


For us to say ‘it is well

God is with us



How did you feel when you knocked on that door

And saw that baby lying in the straw?