Note: this Poem is also available as a voiced video clip here: YOUTUBE



The future uncertain, anxious and scared

Approaching tomorrow, unprepared

But finding a purpose, a greater objective

Eyes opened to a whole new perspective



Walking in darkness, no place to call home

Shouting to the void, silent and alone

But finding you’ve got your very own room

In the Kingdom of Light coming very soon



Unqualified, excluded covered with shame

Nobody even knows your name

But, in the darkest night seeing a dawn

When the saviour of the world is born



A lamb come to shepherd, a King to serve

A judge taking the punishment we deserve

The Everlasting father but only a child

When on this earth, all of Heaven smiled

The word himself but can’t even speak

Almighty God yet so small and weak


Like Mary, the innkeeper and shepherds tending their flock

He comes now to stand at the door and knock


The light of the world, Cornerstone

The mystery of God, now made known

Yahweh, Creator, Son of Man

Christ, Messiah, the great I AM

Firstborn over all creation

Lord of all the Earth’s population

Mighty God and Prince of Peace

The one Good Shepherd who knows his sheep

Jehovah Jireh

Our God and our provider

Son of God, Immanuel

Came down to earth to make all things well


We wait for the day we will all be singing

Joining heaven’s choirs with praises ringing

Let us all make some noise

And let’s hear this weary world rejoice

Let’s hear those herald angels sing

Bringing music as their offering

And let us all with joy join in

With heaven’s choirs singing praise to Him

When the days are cold and the nights are long,

Let us look up and join in Heaven’s song:


You are worthy of glory, honour and power

For you created all things, every sunset every flower

By your will only were they created

By your every word, the world dictated


And now we have this story to tell

God is with us



Saviour of the world, lifter of the lowly

We fall down singing holy, holy

Holy, is the eternal God of might

This Christmas child, the Father’s delight


For us to say ‘it is well

God is with us



When he knocks, will you open the door

Fall on your knees, worship and adore?