Our Easter Sunday Poem written by Abi Andrews is based on Mark 15:42-16:7


Three women gripped by fear,

Trembling bewildered, drenched in tears

Their saviour and friend died all alone

And now leaves them abandoned, behind a seal of stone


We hear the silence of Saturday shouting loud

Deafening our ears without making a sound


But then the women got to the tomb and stopped.

It’s empty.

Jesus is not here.

The tomb where they laid him now lays bare


Do not be afraid the angel said

But scared and grieving the women fled

Can this be? Can we really believe?

He is risen, our victorious Lord

Bringing hope and a future of life restored


From the darkness of the tomb the light pierced through

And by this they saw everything he said was true

Words of life have now been spoken

The gates of Heaven flung wide open

The tomb could not contain the one

Who flung stars into space before time had begun

From the rising sun lighting the first spring flowers

All creation is screaming resurrection power


Yesterday our hope was gone

Dead and buried and trampled on

But today we see a brand new day

The tombstone has been rolled away


Yesterday we were lost and alone

Hearing all creation groan

But today we wake to a glorious morning

Jesus our Saviour His creation adorning


Yesterday we were left in the grave

Questioning how our king could save

Waiting in anticipation when our Saviour died

But today, all of heaven replied


Friday’s despair was Sunday’s glory

Friday’s defeat was Sunday’s salvation story

Friday’s pain

Meant on Sunday I could sing again


We need a transformation of our imagination

To see this Sunday as hope’s foundation


That was my death, this is my resurrection

Claiming for myself Jesus Christ’s perfection


He died to forgive

He rose so I could live

Roll back the stone and open the grave

My dry bones have now been saved

My blood stained self is now made clean

By my Jesus, the humble Nazarene

I can live by the saviour’s death

And I’m gonna praise Him with my every breath

I can do more than survive but I my soul can thrive

Because I know, Jesus is alive


We can find find hope and we can find connection

Because this is our resurrection