Happy International Dance Day! I wonder how you feel about the word ‘dance’? What pictures, memories, feelings or thoughts does it evoke in you? It would be wonderful if we could all listen to each other’s answers. For me, I would say ‘happiness, expression, freedom, fun and joy’. That’s what I think and feel when I hear the word dance. Dancing has been a huge part of my life, I started when I was 3 years old, I was one of those dance students who loved it so much I wanted to make it my career and with God’s leading I did, and I am so thankful! I danced on stages, and then found new joy in teaching dance to others and sharing the gift that it is. What do I love about dance you ask? LOTS!

Dance itself is physical exercise, a mental challenge, and a form of self-expression, which is personal. Everybody moves their body in a unique way to them, and that is an expression of their individuality and their soul.

Dancing is social – it brings people together.

Dancing is Fun! You can’t help but smile or laugh when you’re dancing.

And all of these things are simply GOOD FOR US.

It seems to me that human beings know this instinctively, because they have been dancing in social settings around the world for decades! The styles, of course, have changed over the years, but the understanding of the fundamental goodness of dance is universal.

And ‘dancing for God’ is GOOD FOR US too.

“Then David danced… before the Lord….” 2 Samuel 6:14 (NCV). In his sheer joy and gratitude, out of a full heart of praise and worship David danced before the Lord. It is like he could not contain all the love and joy he felt within any longer, but had to express it in another way.

When words run out, the body can say more, and this was a beautiful sight. I have felt the same as David many times. When I have danced to praise the Lord, whether privately or publicly, it is always a blessing to me, and when in public, it can be used for beauty, for good, to glorify and honour our God. This is my favourite way to dance, and an absolute joy to teach to children with NISCU in schools. Children move their body without inhibition, something we adults can learn to do better.

So why not try dancing today? Put on some music, be with the Lord, and move. You’ll be glad you did! Happy International Dance Day.

Holly Wood, North Lancs Schools Worker