Despite what I have recently seen on TwiX (or whatever we call Twitter these days) where it states “There are NO deities in the universe. If there were, we would be aware of it. Try hard to adjust to reality. This is important.”
I notice that in this Scripture we see that the very Creation itself is like God’s letter to us, making Himself known. And of course, in the person of Jesus, we have the ‘image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation’ (Col 1:15). So yes, God has done all to make us aware of Himself; this is the reality to adjust to, and nothing is more important than this.
Moreover, we are His image-bearers. If God is creative, then so are we! This works out differently for each one, and just because you are not creative in some ways, does not mean you are not creative at all. We could be more creative in how we define creative! Ask me to produce a painting, or make a Christmas card, and I guarantee an ugly mess! My creativity is more with words: what is yours? NISCU is blessed to have poets and artists and musicians, but really there is no limit to how our creativity is expressed. Maybe you cook, or garden, or take photos, or make people laugh, or plan walks in the countryside. Whenever and however we express ourselves, when we do, we are being true to the creative image of God within us.
Eph 2:10 says we are His workmanship, in Greek ‘poiēma’, from which we also get the word ‘poem’. God has written a poem, and we are it! A wonderful, beautiful reality. And yes, it really is important, because some folk will read that poem, and find God.